Learning Disabilities

Learning Disabilities

A learning disability is defined as a processing deficit affecting a person’s ability to speak, read, write, calculate, think, or listen. There is a disconnect between overall intelligence and academic achievement or ability to progress in one or more specific areas.

The main types of learning disabilities are:

  • Dyslexia – The brain mixes up words and letters making it difficult to read, write, spell, or speak.
  • Dyscalculia – Difficulty with math calculations
  • Dysgraphia – Problems with handwriting, spelling, or organizing ideas
  • Dyspraxia (Sensory Integration Disorder) – Problems with hand-eye coordination, balance, and manual dexterity
  • Auditory Processing Disorder – Difficulty distinguishing differences between sounds which results in problems with reading comprehension or language
  • Visual Processing Disorder – Difficulty interpreting visual information which results in problems with reading, math,  or working with maps, charts, symbols, or pictures

A child with a learning disability may also be hyperactive or inattentive.

Results with Connectivity Neurofeedback

Underperforming areas of the brain are identified through brain mapping. The client uses this information to train his or her brain to change the wave pattern. The Neuroconnection uses Connectivity Neurofeedback, which is the most effective form of neurofeedback to address learning disabilities. The Neuroconnection has seen improvements in:

  • Several grade level increases in: Reading comprehension, math performance, writing, and spelling
  • Cognitive and academic performance
  • Concentration and processing speed
  • Ability to complete homework and class assignments
  • Phonetics and semantic language
  • Organization and planning 

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